The X Field steam-injection project is the world's first full-field steam-injection project based on thermally assisted gas/oil gravity drainage (TAGOGD) in a fractured carbonate field. The project scope includes drilling some wells and installing facilities to treat water and generate around 18,000 tonnes per day of steam. Additional facilities will be built to process the incremental oil and gas produced at the field as well as disposing of excess produced water in deep reservoirs. The EOR recovery process being applied TAGOGD is based on injecting steam into the formation's fractures to heat the low-permeability oil-bearing rock. This feature of the project allows the number of wells, and hence development costs, to be kept to a minimum. In other hand, the flow assurance issue across the facilities will be challenging, and managing scaling issues and inhibition require a host of solutions especially on the economics of scale management. A history of scaling as a lesson learnt had been gathered during Pilot steam back to a couple years ago and current cold production experiences is captured. At the moment, the incompatibility of various water stream indicated scaling deposition are majority dominated by carbonate and less sulphate. The strategy of integrated mitigation for all possible scaling for the next facilities scenario whether from water treatment and oil production facilities have been implemented and assessed during engineering design, while the type of inhibitor have been identified base on dynamic tube blocking tests and the potential risk have been registered. In the end, win-win economics approach is modeled base on water and fluid composition, various pressure and temperature.

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