This paper examines the impact on scale squeeze life of water/scale inhibitor re-distribution during extended shut in periods for bullhead scale treatment in a high permeability reservoir. The Eclipse 100 reservoir simulator was used to examine water re-distribution (gravity slumping) during extended shut in periods for horizontal wells in the Draugen reservoir. The work shows that in certain cases involving long horizontal wells (>1000 ft) in high permeability sands (3-5D) with low vertical/horizontal permeability contrasts, extensive water re-distribution can occur during extended shut-in periods owing to density differences between the injected (aqueous) fluids and the formation fluids. Full field reservoir modelling was then carried out to identify candidate wells within the Draugen field which offered greatest potential for improved chemical placement based on these findings. Near wellbore placement modelling was then conducted to optimize squeeze return lifetimes using gravity re-distribution to improve placement deeper (lower) in the reservoir vs. convention scale squeeze design methods such as larger overflush.

The work demonstrates that for selected cases, gravity re-distribution can be used to improve placement deeper (lower) in the near wellbore area. The modeling work also identifies limitations with the simple "radial" near wellbore models for such cases and identifies those wells in the Draugen field which would benefit from such treatments. An added benefit for low water cut wells was the potential to minimise post treatment lift issues associated with the injection of high volumes of water into the near wellbore for aqueous squeeze treatments, by allowing the injected aqueous treatment to sink away from the near wellbore area. New field treatments have therefore been designed based on the work described. The economic impact of the extended shut in times vs. improved squeeze treatments and deferred oil costs for this field case are also discussed following the field applications.

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