This paper presents the mechanism of scale formation by water in oil fields and suggests an accurate model capable of predicting scaling phenomena in Iranian Oilfield operations due to mixing of incompatible waters or change in thermodynamics, kinetics and hydrodynamic condition of systems. A new and reliable scale prediction model which can predict scaling tendency of common oilfield water deposits in water disposal wells, water-flooding systems and in surface equipment and facilities is developed and present. The development of the model is based on experimental data and empirical correlation, which perfectly match Iranian oil fields conditions. Furthermore the simultaneous deposition of oilfield scales and competition of various ions to form scale which is common phenomena in oil fields are reflected in the development of the model allowing the effect of each scale on the others to be taken into account. The new model has been applied to investigate the potential scale precipitation in Iranian oilfields, either in onshore or offshore fields where water injection is being performed for desalting units’ water disposal purpose or as a method of secondary recovery or reservoir pressure maintenance.

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