The accurate and timely analysis of oilfield chemicals is crucial in allowing cost effective chemical management. Unfortunately, many of the current detection methods are time consuming and are not appropriate for on-site applications. Clariant Oil Services and Haptogen Ltd have developed a detection kit that allows accurate on-site, same day chemical analysis. The test kit has been designed in a simple format, allowing analysis to be performed offshore and without the need for laboratory facilities. The test method is based on antibodies that specifically bind to a single production chemical molecule, allowing detection of the molecule without interference from other species which may be present in produced water samples. Antibodies have been developed for a specific, polymer based scale inhibitor used on a North Sea field that exhibits a harsh scaling environment. These antibodies have been evaluated in the laboratory in comparison with traditional test methods and found to be accurate at concentrations down to below 1ppm of applied scale inhibitor. It is now planned to evaluate the kit in the field. Future work will also build up a suite of antibodies, which will allow detection of a wide range of production chemicals using this technique.

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