Oil spill contingency planning is an essential feature required in present day activities involving oil and gas exploration, production and transportation. A well thought out Contingency Plan will not only eliminate or minimise the sense of panic, normally associated with oil spill emergency, but also can minimise damage and cost involved.

Simply put, oil spill contingency planning is a process of predetermining a response to an oil spill emergency. The process of preparing a contingency plan varies but the final plan is normally produced into a document, to be followed in an oil spill emergency. With this document prepared and agreed by all concerned parties, the approach and response to an oil spill should be more organised. It is also generally accepted that an organisation with the necessary contingency plan in place is better prepared to handle an emergency that one without a contingency plan.

Oil spill contingency planning is a feature of Shell Group policy. Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB)/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited (SSPC) produced an Oil Spill Contingency Plan in 1978 which has undergone a number of modifications and updates. Drills and exercises are also conducted with a view to improve the company preparedness to tackle oil spill emergencies.

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