Huffco Indonesia has developed and installed a computerized database system called PARM System - Production and Reserves Monitoring System. This integrated database handles data that includes reservoir, geological, production, operations and mechanical well data. while the PARM System data are acquired and controlled from many technical and operations disciplines within the it is always input as close to the original source as possible.

The PARM System, as an integrated production and reserves data source for Huffco Indonesia, has applications across a wide range of engineering and operations disciplines. Daily production and operations reports, monthly production allocation and product distribution reports, daily drilling reports and summary reports and many other necessary routine reports are. generated by the PARM System. Benefits of analysis of large volumes of data, which were previously very cumbersome to attempt, are now being realized by engineering groups. Ad-hoc data retrievals provide consistent current and historical data for production and reservoir engineering applications.

An integrated computerized database system such as the PARM System, provides a cost and time efficient engineering and operations tool. It provides unparalleled accessibility to any data likely to affect or resulting from the oil and gas production of a well, zone or field. Accuracy of original data is improved due to multi-user review and built-in integrity chocks. Development of a system, such as the PARM System, should be done on a prototype basis under direct engineering management.

Application of computer technology to the petroleum industry is manifested in the PARM System by virtue of capturing and handling of the basic oil and gas operations and engineering data. This paper describes the design and implementation concepts of the PARM System as well as engineering and operations applications ranging from simple reports and data retrievals to interfacing with reservoir simulation software.


Huffco Indonesia is the operator of an oil and gas Production Sharing Contract (PSC) area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Wells in the PSC area currently range to 15,000 feet in depth with producing horizons being completed in various intervals between 1000 feet to 12000 feet. In one of the four currently producing fields, Badak, there are more 200 unique zones. Producing and producing fields have a total of 336 wells. Many of the wells in the producing fields have dual or multiple completions with some having commingled zone production. while the four currently producing fields produce approximately 37000 barrels of oil and condensate per day, the major production is natural gas where the capability is in excess of 1 billion standard cubic feet per day. The natural gas production, after processing at the respective fields, is supplied to the Bontang LNG plant where it is liquefied and utilized to fulfill contracts with offshore buyers. With firm long-term contracts in effect, it is imperative that the supply be able to meet the demand. To insure that this criterion is maintained it is essential to have an accurate, current, accessible database of the various parameters affecting the ability to supply.

Huffco, with consulting assistance, performed project definition and planning study which aided in defining objectives and the philosophy of operation of a Production and Reserves monitoring System.

In assessing the large volume of interrelated data to be handled the objectives of Production and Reserves Monitoring System were defined to be as follows:

  • Provide timely common access to basic data for performance monitoring. Under the existing system considerable time could pass before basic data such as well tests, would reach personnel responsible for monitoring and analysing well performance.

  • Minimize redundancy of information handling, transcribing, summarizing and copying of data resulting in time loss and frequent data transcribing errors.

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