A substantial reduction in field development cost has been realized by using high-angle, long-reach wells to develop the shallow Semangkok Field with only two (2) platforms. An estimated savings in initial develpment costs in the order of US$60M was realized over a three (3) platform development alternative based on more conventional directional wells.

Conventional drilling equipment and methods were extended to new limits in drilling and completing wells with angles exceeding 70° to objective targets as shallow as 1250 m TVD-SS with departures exceeding 2000 m. The planning and drilling methods employed to successfully drill, survey, log, and complete these wells are presented in this paper.

The cost deviations attributed to drilling at high inclinations amounted to less than 8% of the final well cost for 29 of 42 wells and two geologic side-tracks that were drilled at angles ranging from 60° to 75°.

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