Detailed synthesis of results of exploration enables us to delineate the basin configuration, stratigraphy and tectonic framework of Bengal basin. The Basin has an area of 89000 square kilometers and a fill of 10-15 km thick sediments. A number of hydrocarbon indications have been registered but without any commercial discovery. On the basis of available seismic and well data the following five types of plays have been delineated, namely:

  • Pre-Trappean prospects

  • Palaeocene/Cretaceous pinchout prospects

  • Reef prospects

  • Oligocene pinchout prospects

  • Miocene/Pliocene deltaic prospects

Subsidence history, geothermal and geochemical data indicate not only maturation of source-prone formations but also possible 'live-basin' conditions below a depth of 2900 m. Present paper gives a brief account of exploration efforts put in and possible source rock, maturation and entrapment conditions along with types of plays in Bengal basin.

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