An application of a computer system is investigated for the purpose of the assistance in the operation of a semi-submersible drilling unit.

A conceptional design of application softwares and a configuration of hardwares are studied.

The required major functions, flow chart, input data and output data are presented for each program. presented for each program. The system seems effective for the calculations of loading, stability, mooring and riser analysis.

PREFACE PREFACE Although the world faced recessionary pressures, the total number of offshore drilling units (including vessel type, jack-up type and semi-submersible type) has doubled during the last seven (7) years.

And offshore petroleum exploration sites are recently expanding toward deep sea and severe weather areas.

Such expansion of the activities brings a shortage of well experienced rig operators and the exploration work in such areas makes the rig operation difficult and complicated. And if a severe accident should happen due to inadequate operation, it may result in a loss of many human lives and cause a great damage to the owner and operator of the rig. Under these backgrounds, the problem of rig operation is a great issue, and an introduction of a computer system into the rig operation is getting keen interests from rig operators. In this paper, a computer system installed onboard a semi-submersible drilling unit is investigated for a purpose of assistance of the operator aboard.


Loading and stability calculation and the check of mooring performance are most fundamental in the safe operation of a semi-submersible offshore drilling unit.

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