In October 1982, Conoco Irian Jaya as operator: and partners: Pertamina, Inpex Bintuni Limited, and Moeco Irian Jaya Company, mobilized construction equipment from Singapore to the KBS "A" contract area in Irian Jaya, Indonesia for the purpose of constructing a base camp and drill three exploratory sites.

What made this construction effort different from others previously used in Irian Jaya; was that it incorporated several new and unique features, namely:

  1. A turnkey approach to construction; that is Conoco providing complete set of specifications and conditions with contractor assuming risks for a lump sum payment.

  2. Special equipment designed by contractor for Irian Jaya operations.

  3. An incentive to соmpensate or penalize contractor for helicopter hours flown below or above a predetermined number.

  4. Structural steel pile platform designs for two swamp locations (Ayot and Aum), as opposed to the more conventional corduroy timber log-plank arrangement.

  5. Drilling rig pads designed for specific heli-rig with limited extra space.

All work was successfully completed within the time frame stipulated in the contract, that is five months from the time the contractor was notified to begin mobilization of equipment, materials and personnel.

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