This paper deals with two designs:

  • an articulated loading tower for the North Sea and;

  • a similar to the CALM type single buoy production and storage system for optimum application in South East Asian waters;

    and additionally with

  • the construction, assembly and inshore erection of the single pointmoored articulated loading tower for the STATFJORD 'B' field in the North Sea.

Areas of technical and/or economic interest are depicted and discussed in more detail.


Offshore loading terminals and floating production platforms are commonly well-known, are used worldwide because of a variety of reasons, and play their role also in future developments.

This paper deals mainly with three examples, two designs and one construction work, based on experience and expertise of and depicted out of a number of development, design, engineering, construction and erection projects like: projects like: - single point mooring buoys;

  • articulated loading towers;

  • floating LNG systems inclusive LNG loading units and components;

  • tension leg platforms (Figures 1 and 2);

  • semi-submersible production platforms;

  • mooring systems.

Of course, this paper can only highlight some aspects, which are contributing to the economics of such systems.

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