PERTAMINA-IIAPCO has an expanding complex of offshore production platforms in the Southeast Sumatra Contract Area of the Java Sea. One of the requirements for this complex is a treatment facility for water to be used in secondary recovery operations. Because of the water quality required, the water treatment system is substantially larger than that normally used offshore. Instead of constructing one or more platforms for the treatment system, a small coral Island named Pabelokan Island has been utilized for this purpose. Although the water treatment system is the primary reason for the base, other facilities were co-located to centralize: electrical power generation, living quarters and recreation facilities, and facilities for storage and maintenance of offshore equipment. Future plans for the Island include a gal-liquids recovery system.

This paper describes the Island facilities, and provides a case study in responsible planning and construction techniques in the development of a coral Island for use as an offshore base. The experience gained should be useful in the planning of other coral Islands for similar purpose.

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