During the past year, a new mechanical pile connector has been introduced to the offshore construction industry. This connector has been the culmination of an extensive development and fullscale testing program by Vetco Offshore, Inc. A family of driveable pile connectors has since been produced, ranging in size from 30" O.D. to 72" (762 mm to 1829 mm). Included in this family are standard releasable connectors and remote-releasable connectors for skirt pile recommended for permanent pile applications.

Specifically designed for skirt pile and permanent pile applications, the pile connector incorporates field-proven features that have been used on Vetco wellhead and riser connectors. The design phase included a finite element optimization and a fatigue analysis of the connector. Special anticorrosion considerations have been taken to ensure long life in the marine environment.

The connector was tested extensively at both in-plant and field facilities. These tests included tensile, pressure, bending functional, and pile driving tests. Following the development tests, the connector was supplied to several users for actual field trials. Since the connector has been introduced to the offshore industry, it has been used in a variety of skirt piles and permanent pile applications. To date, the pile connector has been supplied in 30",40", 42", 48", 54"and 72" (762 mm, 1016 mm, 1067 mm, 1219 mm, 1372 mm and 1829 mm).

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