Paraffin and asphaltene related problems including solid deposits, stabilization of emulsions and sludge production1,2,3 continue to plaque the oil and gas industry. Condensates and refined aromatic solvents are popular treatments for dissolving and/or controlling paraffin and asphaltene related problems. These treating fluids are typically used as a quick fix with little regard for formation damage consequences and long term effectiveness.

Testing, blending and refining of unique condensate feedstocks has resulted in unique natural multi-component hydrocarbon solvents. These unique solvents will dissolve a broad carbon number spectrum of organic deposits and keep them in solution under extreme conditions. These natural solvents maximize solvency, demulsifying properties and natural wettibility tendencies without the addition of chemical additives. These natural solvents offer economic alternatives and enhancement to common treatment practices including condensate treatments, hot oiling, chemical treatments, stimulation and production treatments.

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