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Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) is a kind of important means in the oilfield mechanical recovery. People used to place the emphasis on calculating the energy losses of every component by piece in the applications, and no test data were established.

This paper takes ESP as a system, and gives theoretical analysis on the energy losses of every ESP component. Energy balance test of ESP system is performed in test well for the first time, the pattern of energy-loss distribution is found and some proposals on improving the design, manufacture and application of ESP system are put forward. In addition, the test procedure and calculating method of energy losses for ESP system is offered.


As one kind of important equipment in the course of mechanical oil recovery, ESP has been wildly used. It has been more than 10 years passed since the oil recovery technique with ESP is introduced into Daqing Oil Field in 1981. And as a complete set of technique of ESP oil recovery technology have been formed. With the depending of the research for ESP, the energy-saving technique has attracted many researchers day by day. The analytical method of Nolen and Gibbs shows that the efficiency of ESP system can reach to, 32.1% by analyzing and changing property of pipelines. But the energy loss distribution for a actural operating ESP has not been known yet. In order to explore a suitable way to solve the energy-conservation problem and to provide scientific basis for the design and manufacture as well as selection and application of ESP, a series of energy balance test of ESP in the test wells and system efficiency test of ESP in some production wells in the Daqing Oil Field was carried out. In these way, the regularity of energy-loss distribution for ESP found by us.

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