In an attempt to provide better annular zonal isolation between productive (gas producing) and nonproductive (water bearing) intervals an unorthodox program was proposed and implemented based upon the incorporation of Quick Quenched Blast Furnace Slag (QQBFS) to both the drilling mud (universal fluid) and cement slurries. To date this is the deepest 7500 to 7900 ft (2345 to 2407 m) and hottest (225 F / 107 C bottom hole static temperature) dual application of QQBFS in the industry. A four phase program of progressive steps were taken with respect to field application during this project to implement cost saving measures without sacrificing quality services. During this project, fourteen dual 2 7/8" (7.30 cm) 6.5 lb/ft (9.67 kg/m) N-80, EUE production strings were successfully completed within 9.875/8.75 inch (25.08/22.225 cm) hole. A dramatic reduction in remedial squeeze operations has been reported with no squeeze jobs being performed on the last seven (7) wells completed. This type of success will benefit not only operators but state and federal regulatory bodies who are seeking to determine the "field worthiness" of QQBFS as a hydraulic material alternative for the oil and gas industry.

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