A submersible system is the most effective equipment for producing large quantities of fluid in a marginal environment. A miscible flood presents a unique set of conditions for operating submersible systems. Some of the conditions encountered include depth, small diameter well bores, high horsepower, temperature, gas production, power system disturbances, hydrogen sulfide, asphaltines, and changing conditions.

The design of equipment, selection of materials, and operating requirements require special consideration. Techniques that enhance submersible performance are identified. Although none of these may be dramatic, the combination is dynamite.

The paper gives the operating conditions and experience with each component of the submersible system. The authors describe problems with and recommendations for selecting pumps, motors, seals, gas separators, cable, and variable frequency drives. Special attention is given to metallurgy, elastomers, training, and checklists necessary for successful operation. An extensive set of curves track the performance before and after changes.

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