A joint effort was undertaken by an oil company, aresearch institute, and a service company to carry out field operations using foam cement This was achieved by understanding the fundamentals and technology involved, as they stand today.

The problem is presented and solved, considering both technical and managerial strategies. Learning was a key issue, together with the problem definition, the strategy involved, the management requirements, the technical procedures, the planning of the field operations, and the analysis of the final results.

The theory on pressure behavior during foam cement operations is covered and the complete formulation is presented in a way to allow the development of a numerical simulator. Concepts on the design of foam cement operations are covered, and field and foam cement requirements are addressed.

The type curve matching technique is presented for postanalysis and a complete field case study is covered that shows how to apply the method. The resulting uncertainties are addressed through statements of hypothesis that are then supported by the simulator results, other calculations, and field observations during the actual foam cementing job.

The results showed that the planning strategies were successful, as was the field case study diagnosis.

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