A new corrosion resistant, high strength and economical titanium alloy has been developed. This alloy is based on T1-6A1-4V with small Pd and Ni additions. This new titanium alloy tubes showed higher strength and toughness balance compared with the conventional titanium alloys through the Ni addition and the fine bi-modal microstructure. Corrosion resistance of this new alloy has been significantly improved by the addition of small amount of Pd, showing a surprising superior corrosion resistance to conventional alloys in severe conditions including hostile sour environments. Pd addition of this alloy is about 0.05%, which is smaller than that of corrosion resistant Ti-0.15%Pd alloy. Thus, this new alloy may have significant merits to conventional materials as Ni base high alloys, ie. light weight, high strength and superb corrosion resistance.

In this paper, comparison of various properties between the new alloy and conventional alloys including titanium and nickel base alloys were presented. The result of pipe and tube performance of this alloy was also presented.

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