Multiphase flow is widely encountered in the petroleum industry. It is expected that a significant part of the future production of oil and gas in Offshore will come from deeper water and in many cases from marginal fields. Rigid fixed platform system with production and processing facuity located in the same field may not be economical in such cases.

Many oil companies are investing heavily to develop multiphase technology, with the ultimate goal to transport unprocessed multiphase well fluid for a long distance. Initial efforts for development of multiphase pumping and metering have been successful. The R&D backup for flow modelling is being provided by the research centres.

In the present study, a review of present state of multiphase long distance transportation, multiphase pumping, metering and flow modelling have been presented. The case histories of long distance multiphase flow from Indian Onshore and Offshore fields have been presented. Pour new field developments with multiphase well fluid transportation have been presented which are currently under execution.

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