Oil companies have been forced to become more efficient and try new ideas to remain competitive in today's economic environment. This involves re-evaluating the cost effectiveness of tubing and downhole equipment designs and trying innovative ideas that have potential for significant cost savings.

This paper tells how Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), operator of the Joint Venture between MPN and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), reduced completion costs as a result of efficient tubing design. Tubing and thread design are discussed in detail and statistical tubing data is presented to show the need for thread standardization. Gravel pack and other downhole equipment designs are discussed in detail with case histories presented. Emphasis is placed on elimination of unnecessary downhole equipment and considerations for future fishing operations.

This paper also discusses in detail innovative ideas that reduced workover and completion costs during the last 24 months. These include:

  1. A plugback completion design within the same reservoir that allowed the lower part of the interval to be isolated when cased hole logs were questionable.

  2. Innovative use of a joint of tubing to retrieve lost washpipe.

  3. A gravel packed open hole completion through a milled window in an inadvertently sidetracked hole. The milled window was the original completion interval prior to the workover.

  4. Innovative use of the cementing unit to free a stuck gravel pack crossover tool.

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