During the last few years, Amoco Production Company has identified concerns that needed consideration before deciding on the pursuit of Electronic Gas Measurement / Electronic Flow Calculation (EGM/EFC). Those considerations include 1) defining the existing system of measurement and volume calculation, and 2) defining the benefits EGM/EFC could provide and the functions required of the devices to provide those benefits. Then identified were the limitations of the various options that meet the functional requirements, and various other considerations.

Anyone who is considering EGM/EFC for their operations should weigh all the points made in the paper before a decision is made. Occasionally, not all the points or their interactions are identified in the decision process.

By having all the options and their interactions explained, prudent decisions on the deployment of EGM/EFC can be made. If careful consideration of the functions required to gain the expected benefits is made initially, the result will be reduced overall expense. These savings are from not installing additional equipment that attempts to provide the necessary beneficial functions. After full consideration, deployment of EGM/EFC devices may prove to be an effective alternative to the traditional chart recorder technology, but may not be appropriate for all applications.

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