Corpoven, S.A. a subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. has operational responsibilities in the States of Anzoategui, Monagas, Guarico, Barinas, and Apure (Figure 1). Each of these areas present specifics characteristics that dictate the use of certain producing techniques over others.

In the areas comprising the states of Anzoategui, Monagas, and Guarico, an extended degree of crude quality exists that ranges from the southern Orinoco field extra-heavy oil to gas condensate accumulations to the north. The depths of these reservoirs range from 600 ft. (183 m) to 15000 ft (4570 M). Mechanical artificial lift accounts for some 98000 BPD (15600 M3/D) from 870 active wells. Production associated with gas lift installations amounts to some 92000 BPD (14600 M3/D) from 747 active wells. Natural flow from 790 wells remains the main production mechanism, accounting for some 220000 BPD (35000 M3/D). At least 50% of this high producing rate is associated with the production from the newly discovered oil provinces in the northern sector of the state of Monagas. A large number of these high capacity wells are completed in gas, light crude or condensate reservoirs, that produce high formation gas oil ratios.

In Barinas and Apure crudes have gravities that vary between 20 and 35 deg. API. The reservoirs are characterized by relatively high productivity Indices, associated aquifers, and insignificant producing gas-oil ratios. Artificial lift methods include mechanical beam pumping units as well as electro-submersible fluid pumps. The first accounts for some 22000 B/D (3500 M3/D) from 177 wells, while the second produces some 40000 B/D (6360 M3/D) from 35 wells. Natural flow accounts for 35000 B/D (5560 M3/D) from 14 active wells that are located exclusively in the newly developed Guafita and La Victoria fields. In summary, Corpoven S.A. employs artificial lift to produce a total of 253000 B/D (40200 M3/D) of oil representing 50% of the company.s potential. A total of 1831 wells, 70% of all active completions, are employed for this production.

Corpoven operates 54 independent gas lift systems associated with 50 compressor stations and 92000 B/D (14600 M3/D/ from 747 wells. Some 574 reservoirs provide production potential for this overall system. The vast majority of these reservoirs are relatively small with NOS value ranging 5 to 200 ft. (1.5 to 6.1 M). Most are lenticular in depositional profile, with some interspersed shaliness, as well as apparent high clay content.

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