This paper describes a field project currently in progress in Corpoven's Anaco District, Eastern Venezuela. Corpoven S.A. an operating affiliate of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) has experienced production difficulties with paraffin deposition in natural flow and gas lift wells. A series of field tests were therefore devised to evaluate specialized plunger lift applications in problem wells. The objective of these tests was to investigate lifting techniques that would minimize existing paraffin removal costs involving wire line mechanical scraping of depositions in the production tubing and hot diesel fuel injection for solidified wax removal. During 24 months of continuous field testing, results indicated the possibility to keep affected wells on production using a plunger lift piston to dynamically remove precipitated wax in a relatively short cycle operation. Usefull production life between workovers has been dramatically increased while operating costs were correspondingly reduced. Response has been very positive in wells where various field options involving plunger lift technology have been completed. The method will have been extended to 17 additional wells by the end of 1990. Preliminary results to date indicate a similar success rate to that of the previous tests.

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