The use of a crystal modifier to control paraffin deposition in hydraulically pumped wells in Hartzog Draw has proven successful. There are currently thirty wells, 11,000 BOPD, being treated chemically for paraffin. Before the chemical program was initiated, the wells were being treated by hot oiling. The frequency of hot oiling the wells averaged as high as three times per month. This cost, along with paraffin cleanouts with workover equipment and frequent pump repairs, caused high operating costs. Therefore, a chemical treatment program was implemented.

Data were gathered for each well before and after chemical treating. The total cost for hot oiling versus chemically treating the wells showed a savings of 20% per month. The cost of chemical has been reduced which in turn has lowered the treating costs from $.l6/bbl. initially to $.10/bbl. currently.

Some of the wells have shown production increases one to two months after chemical treating was initiated. This is due to keeping the entire system cleaner and reducing the plugging of the formation with paraffin, a result of hot oiling.

This paper will document the data collected and further impress the fact that chemical treatment of paraffin is far superior to hot oiling.

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