The progressing cavity.(PC) pump has been. used, as a fluid transfer pump for many years. From various industrial applications to surface transfer of oilfield fluids. Within the last several years the progressing cavity pump has been widely used as a method of artificial lift for the oil and gas industry. The use of progressing cavity pumps as a means of artificial lift has numerous advantages over other artificial lift methods. Through years of research and development in progressing cavity pump design, the production and lift capabilities are expanding to cover a wide range of applications. With various elastomeric materials available, a wide range of well fluids can be handled efficiently using the progressing cavity pump. The ability to pump abrasive fluids lends itself well to many of the viscous sand laden crudes found throughout the world. With present lift capabilities from 4000 feet and capacities to 1000 BFPD, the progressing cavity pump is ever expanding and becoming a viable alternative for wells utilizing artificial lift.

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