A series of tests to describe the effect of numerous holes in casing on the mechanical crush resistance has been run in casing and in L-80 steel tube models. The tests were run with big holes and normal hole sizes for perforations in phasings of 0°, 180°, 120°, 90°, and 60°. Shot density was varied in the model tubes from 4 to 36 shots per foot. The actual perforated casing was at 12 shots per foot. All of the perforated casing and tubing sections were compared to strength remaining in unperforated pipe of the same specimen.

The tests were carried out in a compression machine under a controlled rate of loading with strain gauges attached at critical points along the plane of expected failure. The casing and tube specimens were loaded between steel platens. The data for the test are plotted in the form of load vs deflection. Strain gauge data are also presented. The information generated includes observations of the effect of entrance hole size, phasing (lateral hole separation), shot density (linear hole separation at a specific phasing), and effect of the position of the plane of perforations to the plane of application of load.

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