Because of the high cost associated with tubing replacement, rodwear tubing leaks are one of the most costly types of subsurface failures on sucker rod pumped wells. However, many rodwear tubing leaks can be prevented by properly identifying the cause of tubing leaks and taking the appropriate corrective measures.

While severe hole deviation is most often blamed for rodwear tubing leaks, case studies show that most rodwear leaks are caused by accelerated corrosion which is the result of the removal of a protective corrosion scale from the inside of the tubing. For this reason, the key to economically eliminating rodwear tubing leaks is correctly identifying the problem as either mechanical wear or corrosion wear and then implementing the appropriate corrective measures.

Four case histories, involving a total of nearly 100 problem wells, are presented to illustrate the methods used to differentiate between corrosion-wear and mechanical wear. In these fields, tubing leaks were reduced by as much as 80% by properly identifying the cause of the leaks.

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