The physical separation of fluids is the most basic and necessary segregation in oil and gas processing. An oil and gas separator is one of the most fundamental pieces of production equipment used. Because of its production equipment used. Because of its front end position in on-stream processing, its performance is vital to the operation of a production facility. Oil and gas separators were one of the first pieces of production equipment introduced in the oil industry. But regardless of this longevity, the separator has not lost any of its original and vital importance in the separation of liquids and gases. This paper will discuss on a limited basis some, but not all, of separator design considerations.


at the pressure and temperature within the vessel.

Assume proper control, by devices which will provide for the removal of this separated liquid phase from the vessel without allowing an opportunity for re-entrainment of one phase into the other.

All separators, whether vertical or horizontal, to achieve the functions listed above, consist primarily of four (4) basic sections.

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