This paper focuses on the management strategies in oilfield pits for fresh water and produced water storage. Priorty topics include fouling, evaporation and freezing, and monitoring of volume, leaks, spills, quality, illegal dumping & theft. Suggested practices are given related to digital oil field approaches, physical handling, and configuration. The digital oilfield includes items such as level sensors tied to telemetry systems providing depth and volume updates and alarms. Leaks are monitored by sumps, and digital sensors are starting to be placed in those inter-liner sump locations. Fouling is particularly a concern with produced water storage, and this can bemonitored via sensors like ORP, and controllable by use of aeration systems. Evaporation is also monitored by telemetry systems, and controllable by use of covers and aeration systems. Freeze behavior is also paritially controllable by aeration systems. The results are better optimized management and risk mitigation.

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