Linn Energy employed adjacent laterals; the upper lateral targeting the Carr Granite Wash and the lower lateral targeting the Britt Granite Wash to determine if there was fracture stimulation overlap between the two intervals. It was known from geological analysis that the two zones were separated by a Clay rich interval (Caldwell section). The discussion deals with the fracturing between zones, and what type of communication remains after the stimulation treatment has been completed.

Various completion techniques were employed including Zipper Fracs, Volume adjustments, Perforation Density and phasing changes, and pump rate variations to determine if the fracture geometry would be affected by these changes. Treatment evaluations were done using the examination of Microseismic results in conjunction with pumping treatment data and pressure data from multiple offset locations.

This paper reviews the methodology employed as well as the results of pressure analysis and Microseismic mapping results to determine if the Caldwell barrier could be overcome by the Fracture Stimulation or if adequate drainage of both the Britt and Carr zones would require individual laterals.

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