Currently in the oil industry, a field usually contains several wells producing from the same drainage domain, and each well will have an effect on the pressure at other wells. For an infinite-acting multiple wells system, pressure transient analysis is already done by using superposition principle.

This paper presents pressure drawdown equations of a multiple wells system in a circular cylinder reservoir with constant pressure outer boundary. The proposed equations provide fast analytical tools to evaluate the performance of multiple wells, which are located arbitrarily in a circular cylinder reservoir, and are producing at different rates. This paper examines the pressure drawdown response of a specific well located in a system of producing wells. The interference effects of nearby producing wells on the pressure drawdown response are investigated. The proposed equations are illustrated by numerical examples.

It is concluded that, for a given multiple wells system in a circular cylinder reservoir, well pattern, well spacing, skin factor, flow rates and well off-center distances have significant effects on single well pressure transient behaviour. Because the reservoir is under edge water drive, the outer boundary is at constant pressure, when producing time is sufficiently long, steady-state is definitely reached.

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