In some heavy oilfields, oil can flow in the reservoirs but may not flow through the wellbore without taking measures such as heating or diluting with light oil because of the high viscosity caused by low temperature around the wellbore close to surface. We focused on the latter issue in this study which is being widely used in Tah oilfield and other oilfields in China. Since the viscosity of the crude oil changes with temperature significantly, accurate prediction of wellbore temperature profiles is of great importance to determine the injection rate and temperature of light oil for dilution. An analytical model was derived to predict the wellbore temperature profiles for the heavy oil production assisted with the addition of light oil from the annulus. The model was based on energy balance between the formation and fluids flowing through each conduit. The temperature profiles were calculated using the proposed temperature model and the results were compared with the measured data. Sensitivity analysis was conducted using the proposed model and the main factors that influence the temperature profiles were discussed.

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