Acid formulation design for well stimulation requires careful experimentation for quantitative and qualitative identification of different elements present in spent acid and also mineralogical analysis of core samples. In depth lithological studies, experienced personnel and long discussion sessions are a prerequisite for finalization of acid formulation for wells, which proves to be a time consuming process. Development of an intelligent program proves to be an effective and time saving process for acid formulation of wells. Just the input of experimental results would give the necessary acid formulation design for the well. The program has an in-built database and decision making intelligence, which is based on the basics of reservoir stimulation (Basics like McLeod's table). The software can also deal with some exceptional wells. With the application of the software, the acid formulation design is achieved in minutes rather than in hours. Thus, the software proves to be an effective tool for the Oil industry where effective time and money management are the key ingredients for success.

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