This paper introduces a new field application for the automation of hydrogen sulfide chemical scavenger injection systems in natural gas pipelines. The automated system combines currently available technology into a cost saving tool that has proven itself reliable in maintaining the level of hydrogen sulfide needed for contract gas sales. The benefits that an automated system provides are multi-faceted. These benefits are shown in the savings of man-hours, safety, and chemical usage optimization. Eliminating the need for intermittent checks of the hydrogen sulfide level and chemical pump adjustments saves employee time. Safety is improved due to the fact that the employee does not have to manually check the hydrogen sulfide level, thus not opening valves that would release natural gas containing hydrogen sulfide. The automated system also optimizes chemical usage by continually monitoring the system and maintaining the hydrogen sulfide content at the level needed for gas sales. The content of hydrogen sulfide in a natural gas gathering system is a dynamic and continually changing system due to several factors, i.e. new wells brought online, wells being shut in for various reasons, and the changing hydrogen sulfide level in individual wells. This system will automatically adjust for these continuous variations and lead to significant savings in hydrogen sulfide scavenger chemical applications.

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