The Codell formation is a low permeability, clay rich, late Cretaceous age sandstone within the Wattenberg field of the DJ Basin. Since 1997 over 1500 Codell wells have been restimulated. Results on the past 200 refractured Codell wells using a reduced CMG polymer fluid system have yielded incremental monthly production results in excess of 1900 BOE/well or approximately 80% of the original initial production. Success of this program is believed to be the combination of stringent well selection criteria, high fluid quality control guidelines and effective operational field practices. It is believed that due to this recent success in restimulating the Codell, over 4000 additional wells within the DJ Basin may be restimulated with economic benefits.

This paper will discuss completion history of the Codell formation and how criteria from candidate selection to fluid quality may impact the success of such a program.

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