Production in the San Juan Basin in Northwest New Mexico is predominantly gas at approximately 5000'-6000' TVD. While cementing, lost circulation makes it extremely difficult to have the top of cement at the required depth, providing zonal isolation and meeting regulatory requirements.

Due to the low fracture gradient of the Fruitland and Mesaverde (0.45 – 0.55 psi/ft) circulation is frequently lost when using conventional lightweight slurries to cement the casing strings, resulting in remedial work and additional time and expense.

The introduction of lightweight (9.5 ppg), high performance (fluid loss control, compressive strength, rheology), liquid concrete has made it possible to maintain full circulation while cementing casing strings. The system, based on optimizing the Packing Volume Fraction (PVF) of the dry blend, uses sized inert particles to provide a cost-effective solution to cementing these low-pressure wells.

The casing program has also been optimized to allow the cementing of both the Fruitland Coal and Mesaverde zones in a single operation with no losses.

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