In this age, there are many technology companies that specialize in big data analytics, making every piece of data useful to the end user. At BP, we have strived to build and utilize tools that enable us to work meaningfully with our data – to proactively eliminate defects across reservoir and well chokes, to track our well vulnerabilities, and flag well performance issues easily – so we can transform this data into value-adding actions.

A suite of tools had to be built to meet our objectives. The first tool, called the Production Management Tool (PMT), utilizes automation and machine learning capability to estimate live reservoir pressure and productivity index in real-time, generate short-term production profiles for every well using a decline curve analysis concept, flag opportunity and risk using a wells heat map, and optimize well decline using one platform. The approach to estimate live reservoir pressure in a tight gas field, without utilizing a reservoir model, is unprecedented. It allows for a live estimation, without any waiting time which is the case with traditional methods. Similarly, decline curve analysis on a high gas capacity wells which are choked back is difficult and questionable, as there is no decline detected. Through PMT, a decline curve analysis concept is possible by modelling declines on a well's capacity rather than its actual rate. These innovative approaches rely on industry known methods that have been repurposed and transformed to incorporate the latest data science concepts.

Next, a Hidden Defects Tool was constructed, which proactively drives defect elimination across the reservoir and well chokes by quantifying unproduced gas rate and condensate deferrals and assigning those deferrals to defect categories. This tool also supports the user in initiating remediation plans by describing the production risk in an interactive visual dashboard. Finally, a vulnerability matrix was constructed to link our hidden defects conclusion and well performance metrics to understand the biggest production threats by visualizing the risk severity based on well groupings, or overall risk value.

All these tools highlight the importance of remaining current with the latest technology, as it can provide huge potential to advance technical capabilities and maximize business value.

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