The multidisciplinary Authors summarize the lessons learned from stimulating a long horizontal Polymer Injection well with a Hoisting Unit; the main objective was to reduce the associated cost as compared to a Coiled Conventional Tubing (CCT) Unit, but achieving the same or even improved results. The details procedures for conducting this type of job is summarized in this paper.

The well was completed with a smart completion, creating four distinguished zones, Earlier, bullheading approach was carried out, but later on when the smart completion failed, it was necessary to stimulate with a CCT to cover all the different zones in the long well section. This has caused a sharp increase in the price of the job. Hence, a trial has been carried out utilizing a Hoist, with improved acid recipe that is cheaper and better in performance as compared to earlier. The detailed procedure for conducting this type of job is summarized in this paper

The tables show the injectivity test result in three stages, in the Hoist and the CCT approach the result shows a good improvement after main treatment and a success of the trial with Hoist as compared to CCT. This has proven to be economically viable and unlocked huge cost savings for all future stimulation jobs. A 50% reduction in the total cost is observed. This work has concluded a successful methodology in the utilization of a hoist in performing multi-stage stimulation in long horizontal wells. Very encouraging results have been observed and the suggested method is highly recommended, further trials will continue to be done with other wells

The authors believe the learnings from these trials are of great benefit and will add to the state of knowledge of the industry relating to stimulating long horizontal wells

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