Developing tight sandstone across vast area requires proper data collection and analysis. Due to the tight nature and heterogeneity of these reservoirs, several vertical and horizontal wells need to be drilled and completed with multistage hydraulic fractures to assess their potential.

Initial post-frac flowback tests, in addition to long-term pressure build-ups, have already been conducted on several of the wells. Data Analysis have assisted in characterization of the tight hydrocarbon reservoirs and evaluating of hydraulic fracture geometry. The results have aided to investigate the drainage radius and well interference, to determine the optimal frac and well spacing design. These information are highly needed to build and calibrate single and full field dynamic models to estimate and address the uncertainty on the ultimate recovery and to come up with an optimized development strategy of the field. The paper presents findings and key lessons learned to efficiently design pressure build-up tests in tight sandstone reservoirs.

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