Engineering Asset Management(EAM) is management of engineering assets and it provides guidelines on the effective usage of all the physical engineered assets within the organization. Similarly, Non-Destructive Testing [NDT] is used as a handy tool for integrity assessment of Assets in scheduled maintenance & inspection program. Though Asset Inspection in Oil & Gas Industry were using conventional NDT methods, now ASME, API and others came up with inspection procedures based on fracture mechanics, where each user to ascertain how their tool/regional operating condition deviate from the assumptions herein, then employ their engineering and technical judgment in deciding how and when to employ any part of these standard. Till recent past, there were no regular validation for these procedures being performed as presumed; benchmark for Severity of failure in North Sea offshore and that in MENA Onshore are set as same. Integration of Operations Management System [OMS] based in Asset Inspection with the EAM allows the Asset Owner/Custodian to consistently monitor each Asset, Acquire monitoring / measurement data in common platform using standardized operating procedures, Measure / Analyze Longevity of each Asset and enable the end user to validate their Service Quality Plan and inspection procedures, as per applicable operating limits and risks.

The purpose of this paper to emphasize the importance of optimizing the Asset utilization and serviceability to enhance overall efficiency by integrating; (1)EAM software that manages Assets, (2)OMS controlling the process and (3)Asset Inspection Management System[AIMS]. Case study refer our AIMS, a tool to track all Equipment data [Images, OEM/CoC Document, Inspection Reports/Certificates, track analysis of major attributes] through a single channel - Master Asset [Inspection] Register. Uniquely numbered Assets in each category Drilling Tubulars, Hosting &Handling Equipment and/or Lifting Equipment Item is captured in respective Master Asset Inspection Register with all related Equipment data & Inspection records. Inspection records provides all its inspection related history since its commissioning and manufacturing OEM/CoC Documents. Our cloud based AIMS-App's compliance to API Q2, ISO9001:2015 and ISO17020:2012 ensures its certifying requirements to, (1)relevant Industry standard and bench mark (2)Competence of Inspection Personnel and (3)Compliance of Measuring Devices & Equipment.

In last two years [2016-2018] by ensuring Acceptance Benchmark only, more than 70% reduction in premature failure [Crack in Thread Connection; where 50% of those are potential NPT cases] in drilling Tools achieved. Our App provide the user to analyze Inspection data. The trend analysis of tools helps in its planning and utilization plus the data can be directly input to modify Service Quality Plan to optimizing the asset utilization & serviceability. The above are some of the immediate befit to Oil Company and Drilling Contractor by AIMS.

This paper also discusses one more dimension of it, Reliability in Service Quality. As this AIMS Tool is synchronized with our, (1)EAM software that manages company's all assets and resources, and (2)OMS controlling the process, the integration of all three increase the overall efficiency of the service and results in profitability of a business.

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