Steam flooding is acontinues steam injection heats a large portion of the reservoir while reducing oil viscosity and achieves the most efficient heavy oil recovery.

FNE oil field started production since 2009. In 2010 a pilot Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) was implemented and showed double oil production incremental. Then full field Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) was carried out, in September 2015 steam flooding pilot project was started with obvious increament.

In this paper, an evaluation and optimization are made for the pilot test project in line with design, implementation, and production performance of the steam flooding pilot test in Fula North East.

This paper will present the results from a study that done using advanced thermal software simulator on a sector model that extracted from FNE full field model, pilot area coverage 4 injectors and 9 producers. History matching and optimization was carried out along with perforation interval, steam intensity, steam quality and production rate. Optimum run case was determined among different sensitivity runs.

The results show that oil production performance of steam flooding had significant effect on enhancing oil production. Oil rate increased from 715.66 to 1733.8 BOPD and clear water cut dwindled. After the optimization of steam injection parameters and perforation intervals observable increment in production was achieved, oil production rate increased from 966 to 1160 BOPD and clear water cut decreased.

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