MOL has more than 40-year experience in EOR applications in Hungary. As most of the fields approach to the end of their lifecycle more and more ideas were born to help these fields to survive.

Demjen is one of these old fields very close to its total depletion. During the 62 years production history number of EOR/IOR experiments were applied with various results. Contrary to the long production history the recovery factor of the field is only 15%. The main reasons of this poor recovery are the complex geological environment, the low pressure and temperature of the reservoirs and the oil quality.

In 2012 a new 3D geological model has been finished for Demjén field what tripled OIIP 3P resource. This increased potential has encouraged experts to review again the EOR/IOR project possibilities for the field.

Parallel to recently applied MEOR technology a cyclic steaming stimulation (CSS) pilot project is planned in Demjén West field for the next few years. The equipment intended to be used for steaming wells of the field is a revolutionary new technology that can easily move from well to well and it does not require high capex surface constructions. The well completion and some of the elements of the well structure is also designed especially for cyclic steaming of such old well.

The aim of this CSS pilot is to monitor the behavior of the reservoir as in-situ the oil has relatively high viscosity due to the low temperature and the high paraffin content also worsen oil flowing properties at that reservoir condition. Good results could give solid base to extend application of the technology to other areas and reservoirs of the field and for other EOR/IOR applications.

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