This paper covers EOR development concept screening from a sub-surface perspective. The field in question is a medium sized heavy oil field with complex geology that is located in South Oman. The two front running concepts considered are steam and polymer flood, both of which present their own challenges. Common to both concepts are the difficulty in obtaining adequate conformance in a field that is characterised by high and highly variable permeabilities in a channelised environment and that includes lateral extensive shales that break the system up into vertically distinct sand units. Additional challenges are presented by a permeable regional scale aquifer, an erosive top surface that reduces the equivalent oil column (EOC) in the core of the field leaving thicker columns laterally close to the edge aquifer and the friable nature of the sand that makes sand control necessary. Challenges specific to steam are the relatively high initial pressure, inferred connection to a regional-scale strong aquifer, and relatively high CAPEX associated with the development. Polymer on the other hand represents a relatively untested option for oil with viscosities of greater than 400cP as are present in this field.

Modelling work used to identify risks and the subsequent development potential of these two options is presented. Potential development and maturation solutions for the various options are discussed and concepts are compared.

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