A new method is proposed to obtain streamline distribution in an irregularly shaped reservoir with an arbitrary placement of injection and production wells and randomly oriented sealing faults, Using streamline distribution thus obtained, it is possible to predict tracer breakthrough times.

The proposed method models flow around a permeability barrier by a distribution of vortices around the barrier plane obeying the appropriate boundary conditions of vanishing normal velocity component along the barrier plane and the overall boundary condition of no flow or uniform potential along the reservoir boundaries. In addition, the requirement that net circulation around the permeability barrier be zero is also satisfied. Flow around a vortex is modeled by the arc-tan solution to the Laplace equation, while flow towards vertical well is modeled by conventional infinite line source (log r) solution. In thin reservoirs, flow towards horizontal producers/injectors is modeled by Infinite Conductivity Vertical Fracture (ICVF) solution to the Laplace equation. Specific advantages of the model based on steady state potential flow theory over full fledged numerical simulation model are:

  • it is free from numerical dispersion and grid orientation effects

  • flow geometry near wells and permeability barrier is taken care of naturally in the model and

  • it is easy to use.

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