The formation of gas pools in 2-section of Jialingijang group in EasternSichuan is not controlled by tectonic traps, but controlled by sedimentation and diagenesis of the bank. Bank-microfacies is the base of gas pools and favorable diagenesis is the necessary condition for the formation of reservoir. Combination of sedimentation and diagenesis can form favorablesource-reservoir-seal assemblage, high porous section and valuablesedimentary-diagenetic traps. The composition model, facies sequence model and diagenetic sequence model of the bank are put forward. The distributing rule of the bank has been analyzed. The shallowing exposed bank with diagenetic sequence B is the full and necessary condition for the formation of gas pools. Accordingly, this theory is important to the exploration of gas pools inEastern Sichuan.

p. 69

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