For water-wet reservoirs, several expressions may be used to correlate capillary pressure, or height above the free water level, with the water saturation. These correlations all feature a vertical asymptote at the residual water saturation where the capillary pressure goes to plus infinity.

We have developed a general capillary pressure correlation that covers primary drainage, imbibition, secondary drainage, and hysteresis scanning loops. The graph exhibits an asymptote at the residual saturation of water and of oil where the capillary pressure goes to plus and minus infinity, respectively. The shape of the correlation is simple yet flexible as a sum of two terms, each with two adjustable parameters and is verified by laboratory experiments and well-log data. An associated hysteresis scheme is also verified by experimental data.

The correlation can be used to make representative capillary pressure curves for numerical simulation of reservoirs with varying wettability and to model and interpret flooding processes.

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