Produced water is an inextricable part of the hydrocarbon recovery processes. Safe and environmentally benign disposal of produced water is a major concern for all the oil fields across the world in the present low cost and stringent environmental & statutory compliance era. Many technology available in the market to treat produced water oil contaminants but economical treatment of heavy metal content is still a great challenges for oil industries for safe disposal.

Therefore, New innovative technology i.e. Reed bed technology has been adopted in Heglig field of Sudan to treat the produced water and heavy metal economically through phytoremediation. After successful implementation in Heglig oil field, it is being implemented in other surrounding oil field also.

It is probably a world largest Phytoremediation/Bio-remediation system using Reed Bed technology operating successfully for last 15 years. It is environmental friendly, solar energy driven clean up techniques. This paper not only elucidate, how reed bed removes oil contaminants and heavy metals but also provide clear picture of how this project provide shelter for flora, fauna, other species that help to maintain ecological and environmental balance. Research has also demonstrated that reed-bed technology is feasible and resilient in treating oil produced water

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