M15 well contains complex intervals, where anticlinal structures developed from faults make long mudstone barriers full of cracks, which makes it hard to predict pore pressure. Loss is one of the most serious problems during drilling and cementing, while blow out accidents happen sometimes. Previous casing programs hardly adjust to all complex intervals and conventional LCMs (loss control materials) play few roles. As a result, designated targets used to be rarely reached.

It is proved that low pressure intervals shall be isolated firmly and complex intervals as well as reservoirs should be developed in independent intervals, thus casing programs have been modified. 188 lab tests were finalized, including 180°C hot rolling, anti-contamination test, lubricity test and inhibition experiments, in order to develop a kind of organic salt mud system that has premium inhibition, plugging, lubricating, heat & salt resistance properties. Precise MPD (managed pressure drilling) techniques are recommended to achieve near-balance drilling operation, solving borehole instability problems to some extent.

In the second interval the organic salt mud system is applied, while logging and casing running may be accomplished in one time. Besides, strings can be tripped out smoothly and high pressure brine productive zones are drilled safely. φ339.7mm casing joints are set at the depth of 3848m in the second interval and φ244.5mm casing joints are set at the depth of 5177m in the third interval, in order that deeper complex formation may be developed in a separate casing interval in which precise MPD is applied with LCMs while drilling and compound plugging agents. Therefore, downhole pressure is precisely controlled and large cracks are plugged statically on 28 occasions. Designated targets have been all reached and 20 oil & gas productive layers have been developed.

Downhole complexities arising from loss and blowout have been solved in M15, where φ339.7mm casing was set at the deepest interval in CNPC overseas operation history, making a new record of safe drilling operation, borehole quality and cementing quality. More oil and gas productive zones have been discovered and all designated targets have been achieved. New drilling experience got from M15 has significant meanings in the development of similar blocks.

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