Primary cementing operations rank among the more important events that occur during a well's lifetime. The cement sheath plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining zonal isolation in the well, supporting the casing and preventing external casing corrosion.

For many years, the industry has employed strategies to promote optimal cement placement results. These strategies, collectively known in the industry as good cementing practices. Job execution is the key to insure success of the job based on the designed.

New technology that give us optimum execution evaluation (OEE) has been developed to enhance cement job execution by overlapping the design parameter over with the execution parameter real time. The OEE technology significantly improves cementing operations, enabling operators to monitor, control, and evaluate cement placement in real time. OEE combines job design data with acquisition data from both the rig and the cementing equipment to provide a more accurate representation of the job as it is being run.

In this paper, we present the process that we completed with detailed operational setup to allow us to monitor and record all parameters related to the cement job execution and the work flow implemented to be able to evaluate the cement job design and execution to achieve the required objectives. This study is also setting the basis to establish development of real time automated cementing advisory system.

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